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Suspicious Activity Follow Up

11 Apr 2016 9:47 PM | Dan Hartman (Administrator)

We wanted to send out a follow up message based on questions from the e-blast last week about suspicious activity in the neighborhood.
We have reason to believe there are problems with solicitors in the neighborhood.  PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM, OTHER THAN TELLING THEM THEY SHOULDN’T BE HERE.  We should always call the Arapahoe County Sheriff at 303-795-4711 to report any solicitors in the neighborhood.
Out of respect for the neighbors, we will not give the exact address where the incident occurred last week.   The incident was near S Flanders St, E Hinsdale Pl, and S Chapparal Cir E.   We've had many instances where cars will randomly be parked in this area (especially on E Hinsdale Pl), and the driver was confronted. They always have no real excuse and just drive away. This was the first time we've seen it escalate to this point. The police have been patrolling more over the last few months, and we don't see as many random cars, but the incident on Thursday proves we're still at risk for crime.
We have reason to believe the incident on Thursday was tied to a black male solicitor that was walking through the neighborhood on the Tuesday prior (2 days earlier). More than one neighbor saw him walking up and down S Flanders St from mid-afternoon to early evening. We think he was possibly casing out homes for who appeared to be away, especially since it was spring break and many families were gone. The home reported to have intruders were away, but they happened to come home later that day, which could have led to an even worse situation if the perpetrators had gotten into the home only to find people were there - could have been a very dangerous situation.
The man driving the car was a black man. It was assumed the two individuals that went into the neighbor's back yard were also black because that's what the observer saw - all black, head to toe. Also, the car had no license plate. Very scary since these guys obviously knew what they were doing. Especially having a map, which he had laying across the top of his steering wheel (assuming of our neighborhood and surroundings), and a getaway plan to alert his accomplices by honking the horn to flee and jump back into the car to get away.
As far as locking the green boxes, any lock for the electrical box will do. You will notice the hole is small, so a large lock will not work. It's just to prevent someone from lifting the metal door to a switch that can be turned off - like a switch on your control panel. The lock just helps prevent easy access.   Fortunately, a neighbor discovered the switch to the outside electric box had been turned off. If an electric box had been tripped, let's say do an electrical shortage, the switch would be in the middle (like the switches on the control panel inside your home), but this one was in the full off position, meaning someone had to physically flip the switch to off.  Not everyone has a security system, so even a lock on the outside box will help deter this from happening to them.
One last note, the police said we can always call them when solicitors are in our neighborhood. Solicitors should not be here - and the police will make them leave (plus ensure our safety).  
Residents can call the Arapahoe County Sheriff at 303-795-4711.

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