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Suspicious Activity

01 Apr 2016 9:44 PM | Dan Hartman (Administrator)

Residents in Chaparral should be on alert for an suspicious vehicles and individuals (including solicitors) and call the police to investigate. Last night, just after 11pm, there appears to have been a possible attempt to burglarize a home in our neighborhood. The police were called and the vehicle and individuals drove away before the police could catch them. What is disturbing is that the driver had a map, and two individuals (dressed all in black) exited the car and went straight to the back of the house (which was very dark). When the driver was confronted, he speed off honking his horn, while driving to the other side of the home, to alert his accomplices to flee and get back into the car. They eventually did and speed away.

All residents should be vigilant and call the police if they see anything suspicious in our neighborhood.

I would also like to make residents aware of another incident that happened to a homeowner while away on vacation. The main power box to their home was turned off. Anyone can do this, which is quite frightening since you have to exit the home to turn the power back on. Also, if you have an alarm system, back-up batteries will eventually fail, deactivating your security system. IREA informed the resident that you CAN put a lock on the electrical box - IREA can still get access if needed, and that way no one can randomly turn off the power to your home. Attached is a picture to show you (see the black lock). Just make sure it's the box that belongs to your home.

Our neighborhood has been safe and let's keep it that way. The best thing we can do is look out for each other, bring as much awareness as possible, and always call the police if you see anything suspicious. Police have been patrolling our neighborhood more lately, put have even said we need to continue to ask for this and remind them to patrol here more often.

Take care and be safe. 

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