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Waste Management Trash Discount Program

Chapparal has negotiated a group discount rate with Waste Management for trash and recycle pickup. For 2018, the negotiated rate is $142.56 annually for weekly trash pickup and recycling. The negotiated rate also includes some large dumpsters that are used for Free Dumpster weekends in the Spring and Fall.

Our community trash and recycle services are scheduled on Thursdays. Regular trash pickup is done EVERY Thursday with recycle pickup scheduled for BIWEEKLY pickup on  Thursdays “on the green colored” weeks.

If there has been Waste Management service at your (new) residence, then it will continue through the end of the fiscal contract year(February). If not, and you wish to add service, you should contact our Treasurer, Mary Ann Neumann by email ( who will initiate service for you with Waste Management. All residents will have an opportunity to renew their service for the next fiscal year which is billed with their HOA dues invoice.
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As a customer under this contract , Containers, both trash and recycle, can be requested at no charge from Waste Management by calling their Customer Service Number (303-797-1600)  or start an Online Chat at . They will ask for your Service Address when you first contact them. Give them your Street Address, City, State and Zip Code.   Do not contact the HOA to request your container(s) .  A picture of these contianers is shown on the right below. You are NOT required to use Waste Management containers, but any “Recycle Bins” must be clearly marked (identifying stickers are available from Waste Management).

Container Sizes

For safety reasons, we ask that you use trash bags or trash containers no larger than 32 gallons, weighing less than 40 pounds when fully loaded. Please do not put your trash in 55-gallon drums, paper sacks or boxes. If using a larger trash container, trash must be bagged.

Other Materials

  • Branches need to be cut into four foot lengths or less and tied in bundles no more than twelve inches in diameter. Please limit your weekly pick-up to four bundles.
  • Leaves and grass clippings should be enclosed in trash bags and placed with your other items for curbside collection. Each bag needs to be 40 pounds or less. Please limit your weekly pick-up to ten bags.
  • Please do not place any liquid waste (oil, paint, etc.) or batteries in your residential trash. If you must dispose of these items, please contact our office for information on collection or drop-off programs available in your county.
  • Please flatten your cardboard boxes prior to placing at the curb for collection.


Below is a Schedule of the Trash and Recycle pickup days.  Pick up generally starts at 8:00 am and completed by Noon.

Click Here for a printable WM Recycle Schedule.  Recycle pickup schedule it on Thursdays "on the green colored" weeks.

Click Here for a Click Here for a printable copy of the Recycle Schedule.   Recycle pickup schedule it on Thursdays "on the green colored" weeks.

Click Here for a Click Here for a printable copy of the Recycle Schedule. Recycle pickup schedule it on Thursdays "on the green colored" weeks.  


Upcoming events

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Past events

18 Sep 2016 Free Dumpster Day
17 Sep 2016 Free Dumpster Day
19 Nov 2015 WM Trash Day
12 Nov 2015 WM Trash and Recycle Day
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