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Chapparal Metropolitan District

The Chapparal Metropolitan District (CMD) is a Colorado Special District formed in 1987 to provide specific services to the Chapparal community. Special Districts are local governments, similar to municipalities and school districts. See this link for more information about special districts:

The original CMD services included water, recreation (our pool and tennis courts), and open space management (including entrances). In 2007 the CMD completed years of negotiations resulting in an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with ACWWA to gain access to long-term renewable water supplies. The community then voted 358 to 8 to approve the agreement, thus avoiding the need to drill and operate costly new replacement wells and significantly raise taxes.

The CMD operates with a five-member board of directors, serving 4-year terms. Two or three directors’ terms are up on the even years with elections generally held in May. Since the CMD is a Special District the election is governed by state laws and a ballot will be mailed to each registered voter in Chapparal. The CMD’s taxing authority is used for repaying bond debt and operating expenses. However, currently the majority of our operating costs are funded by the income from the leases for the antennas attached to the water tanks.

Our Chapparal pool is maintained by the CMD as part of the CMD’s recreation service responsibilities. Over recent years the pool house has been renovated, shade sails added, and the pool entrance and associated landscaping were significantly upgraded. As you can see from the original drawing below and by driving by the pool, it looks great and makes a wonderful addition to our community.

The Arapahoe Road widening project is now in full swing. Planning has been on-going for a number of years, with construction work expected to be completed this fall. Please see this link for more information:

The CMD worked diligently with the City of Centennial throughout the design phase of the Arapahoe Road expansion project to ensure that Chapparal residents are represented and our new entrances are fully integrated with City’s construction plans. The basic plan is to have the two large front entrances continue with same theme the CMD used in the upgrades to the pool and secondary entrances. The secondary entrances, like the ones pictured below are located on Hinsdale, Easter, and Flanders.


The CMD maintains a web site at:

To view the Chapparal Metropolitan District for 2017 Proposed Budget, Click Here.

 Chapparal Metropolitan District - Board of Directors

 President - Garry Cornish 303-627-6073
 Vice President - Gerry Weaver 303-699-6033 
 Secretary/Treasurer - Tom Lash 303-617-9911  
 LuAnn Tinkey 720-273-8157
 Dan Hartman 303-884-8598
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